Teton Truss & Lumber is an equal opportunity employer. All candidates are required to fill out an application, submit to a background check and pre-employment drug testing. Please click on the link below to access hiring forms.

Seasonal/Full Time Truss Production Worker

Job Description: Truss plant workers are split into two departments called cutting and building. Truss cutters process dimensional lumber into cut boards for truss assembly. Truss builders assemble cut lumber into metal plate connected wood trusses that meet dimensional and quality standards and prepare stacks of trusses for delivery.

General Responsibilities: Truss cutters general responsibility includes gathering material to be cut by CNC saw, component saw, and chop saw. Organizing cut boards into batches to be assembled into trusses by builders. This will include quality control of lumber used for production, loading of material to be cut, operation of saws, and checking for cut accuracy and consistency. Truss builder general responsibilities include making the final call on material used to assemble trusses and building trusses by using the layout supplied by designers. Builders use rolling gantries and finish rollers, truss stacker and pneumatic table rollers to perform job junctions. All truss plant staff are required to maintain current forklift operator certification (training available) for use in transporting, staging and loading material and trusses.

Timetable: Currently seeking employees to fulfill a 6 month work contract at 40 hours per week for our busy season Starting April-May and terminating October-November.

Pay and Benefits: Base pay is $14.00 - $17.00 per hour DOE. Overtime is hours worked over 40 hours per week and is paid at time and a half hourly wage. Overtime hours may be available depending on workflow. Pay is by direct deposit bi-monthly. Teton Truss will pay for transportation to begin work. Travel to return home upon termination of contract is the responsibility of the employee. Benefits include temporary housing and contract completion bonus based on performance. Teton Truss may offer a permanent position to the right individual. Permanent employees are eligible for health insurance, dental insurance, tax free health savings account contributions, paid time off based on tenure, and year end production bonus program.

Job Qualifications: Previous experience in building/framing/trusses/fork lift operation a plus but not required. Other qualifications include the ability to accurately read and use a tape measure, speed square and framing square. Must be physically able to lift 50 pounds and maintain a steady working pace in a physically demanding shop setting. Reliable attendance is a must. Employees must supply their own seasonally appropriate clothing including shoes/boots, coat and hat if desired. Teton Truss supplies personal safety glasses, gloves, and workstation tools. Employees are encouraged to bring their own tape measure and speed square. All employees will be trained to operate forklifts thru a certification program if not previously certified. Applicants will be asked to submit to a background check, and sign acknowledgement of drug test requirement before offer of position is confirmed. Drug test will be required within one week of arrival and position will be terminated if testing positive for any substance deemed illegal in the state of Wyoming.

Individuals with drive and initiative are very successful with our company. Teton Truss works with employees to promote from within and develop job skills. If you are a problem solver and can take a leadership role while maintaining positive communication with supervisors and subordinates, you can turn a summer job into the start of a career.

Application Process: Please fill out and submit the following documents to Quincy Stewart at quincy@tetontruss.com

Application packet will consist of:

1. employment application

2. consent to pre-employment drug testing

3. consent to background check

4. list of personal or professional references with phone numbers